Throughout the years, we have gained high-level expertise in clear plastic parts manufacturing for a variety of products such as face shields, safety glasses and every kind of optical lens.

Come and meet our team for mold design, plastic injection molding, welding, storage and delivery of your optical product components. We can handle everything from start to finish.

Optical plastic standards and resistance requirements

Scratch resistance
Impact resistance
Light transmission properties
Ultraviolet resistance
FDA standards
UL 94 flame resistance rating

Clear plastic injection molding for simple and complex products

No matter the complexity of the mold or removal process, we can get the work done without any hurdles. We have extensive expertise in clear plastic injection molding—you can count on us to produce complex parts that perfectly align with your manufacturing criteria.

Custom-molded optical components

From thin protective screens to heavy-duty optical lenses, we can mold anything in our workshop. If your product is a new innovation, we aim to understand it as well as your team does. This allows us to guide you through its design and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

A selection of engineering resins for the optical industry

We are familiar with every commodity and engineering resin designed to manufacture clear plastics, containers and lenses.

  • PMMA
  • PC
  • MABS
  • Copolyesters
  • RCPP
  • PETG
  • EVA
  • SAN
  • SBC
  • PEI
  • SBC
  • PA12
  • TPU
  • PVC

Environmental protection

All our resins are sent to recycling centres or reprocessed into granules inside our facilities.

High-performance injection machines for optical components

We manufacture flawless clear molded plastics of any thickness using our premium injection molding machines. The weight of these molded optical components ranges from a few tenths of a gram to 4.5 kilograms.