Handling your project from start to finish

No matter the type of custom molded plastic parts you need or your line of business, our team is at your service. We know how to exceed your expectations on every front, from mold manufacturing for outsourced plastic injection to timely parts delivery and high-volume molding or overmolding.

Our plastic injection molding services

Support and development

Throughout your project, our plastic injection molding experts provide guidance on various available options. For instance, the best type of resin will depend on multiple factors, such as the part’s operating environment.

We take a solution-oriented approach to optimize your parts’ performance, identify the cause of a defect or manufacture a complex part tailored to your needs. We make every problem of yours a problem of our own, deploying every effort to solve it with you.

Mold manufacturing

We can assess your existing mold to ensure compliance with finished product specifications. If you do not have a mold, we will design one in 3D, collaborating with the best mold makers in our network to meet your production needs and oversee the entire process.

After all, your production line and finished product are just as important as our own!

Molding or overmolding

Precicor is known in the plastics process industry for its comprehensive support and diligent approach. We are committed to forming your products and learning about your industry requirements to serve you the best we can, no matter the component you need molded.

Our team has the required skills for high-volume manufacturing in line with your criteria, using the best resin for the intended purpose.


We are one of the only plastic injection molding companies in Quebec to offer spin welding—a process that creates permanent, hermetically tight seals for your components.

Finishing and decorating

Our team delivers molded components with an impeccable finish, including add-ons such as labels and other decorative touches. Our factory hosts a full range of finishing processes to ensure your parts are ready to use right out of the box.

Quality assurance

Our inspectors perform quality checks during the injection molding of your products. Additionally, they compare the first and last manufactured parts to detect any discrepancy between production batches.

Our quality control department manages a rigorous inspection system that can be tailored to each product according to customer specifications. We can provide many services upon request, such as:

  • Production lot tracing
  • PPAPs and control plans
  • Dimensional inspection reports
  • Assembly and functionality testing
  • Certificate of analysis and material conformity
  • Design and manufacturing of inspection gauges or assembly jigs
  • External laboratory certification (e.g., CSA, CE, ASTM, FDA, ULC, NSF, IP)

We also draft a contingency plan for all our projects so we can quickly respond to any issues.

Assembly and packaging

Our employees assemble and package your components with precision, always in accordance with specifications and standards. We ensure that every part, no matter how simple or complex, is fully protected before shipping it to your plant.

Storage and delivery

Our facilities provide a unique storage and delivery option for your molded plastic components. You can set the quantities and schedules and leave space and logistics in our hands.

With Precicor, you enjoy a turnkey plastics process solution and quick, efficient consulting services.