Ever since 2000, Precicor has stood out as a thermoplastic product injection molding expert. Our company’s highly personalized service is why customers appreciate us: we serve as a true extension of their production line. They can count on us to supply parts in accordance with their criteria.

A skilled team supporting a strong company

The Precicor management team has hired dedicated and qualified employees from the beginning. Their determination to meet the challenges of the plastics process industry has pushed the company to invest in continuing professional development and ultra-precise, reliable equipment.

Our employees work diligently and are proud of the quality of molded parts they deliver on a daily basis.

Their individual expertise, combined with our strong teamwork spirit, guarantee that our customers get superior performance, making Precicor a true success partner.

Flexibility and customer relations

Thanks to our expertise in plastics and effective collaboration, we do everything to produce molded parts that meet your expectations. Our flexible structure, premium injection molding equipment and experienced plastics team make it possible for us to meet tight deadlines and face unexpected events in order to deliver quality parts on time.

Our relationships with customers are based on integrity, respect and listening—the keys to our success. We value these principles more than anything, as they enable us to fully understand customer needs and expectations.

Quality and high standards

Precicor places quality and adherence to high standards at the core of its business philosophy. We take all means necessary to ensure each molded part meets or even exceeds current industry standards.

Our commitment to offer complete customer satisfaction, coupled with our broad experience in product development and injection molding, have cemented our reputation for quality of service.

Environmental protection

To do our part in protecting the environment and honoring our collective commitment, we take the following actions on a daily basis:

  • Minimize water consumption through our closed-loop cooling system
  • Recycle industrial oils from equipment as part of our recycling program
  • Send plastic and resin residues directly to recycling centres or reprocess them into granules inside our facilities